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Israeli Dance Session Information



Israeli Folk Dancing
When Saturday, 21:15 - 21:15
Where Bhit - Hanoar
105 Hertzog St.
Jerusalem IS, Israel

The session will start at 12.9.98 
Avner Naim is a dance creator of Erets Nehederet, Yardena, Al Saf Daltech
 Ein Kmo Yaffo, Leolam Lo Meochar, Erev Shabat, Halleluya Lashlom,  
 Kacha Tenatzchi, Holech Adam, Mei Hanechalim, Zohar Badeshe,
 Zmirot Shabat, Valentino, Tfilati and more .....
Inside there a cafeteria, air-condition and free parking .
During the year the best creators will guest in the session .

Session Leader Avner Naim

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